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Baba Beck

  • 2 min read

Like a bolt of lightning, DC musician Baba Beck appeared on our radar with a flash of brilliance and undeniable sound. A talented artist who has been attracted to musical instruments since he was young, Baba Beck is far from your conventional musician, and arguably, one of the most passionate and diverse independent artists around today.

A self-confessed Man of God who sees music as his gift, Baba Beck’s life is one devoted to his faith and to his music, and while he never learned to read or write music, that hasn’t stopped him from writing, composing, singing, and recording over one hundred original songs all on his own. After training himself to be an ‘all-in-one music band’, Baba Beck has continued to push boundaries, blend styles, and create musical magic for his ever-growing audience.

A unique force with a distinct command of many different styles, Baba Beck first started making music after he met Jimi Hendrix in a dream, saying candidly “he handed me the guitar as to say you are my hero”. From there, Baba has continued to flourish, creating a YouTube channel that doubles as a hub for exploration. Covering his sci-fi writing, ancient coins, music, current events and much, much more, Baba’s channel is one that is built to inspire, educate and entertain.

In his own words, Baba shared his passions and future with us, stating, “God showed me stadiums filled (the future) and promised that it will happen but be patient. All this is more spiritual and religious to me than money or fame and fortune. A joy everlasting to share something from the core of my soul.” Now, with the release of his latest album, he’s one step closer to his destiny.

One of his most ambitious musical projects to date, Baba has put his talents on full show with the release of his ten-track eponymous concert, which is available now on Bandcamp. A titanic release where every song is a different genre, it’s a spiritual journey into the heart and soul of a new age musician. Alongside the new concert album, Baba has also produced eighteen music videos which have been collected into one engaging playlist on YouTube, available for all to hear on YouTube below.

Throughout his journey, Baba has received praise and comments that he still cherishes to this day, including being compared to Santana, and the memorable tale of something beating at his motel door to simply say of his music, “I love it, don't ever give up".

A definite talent and a true musical experience, Baba is one of the most unique, confident, and engaging new musicians that you’ll discover in this or any over year, and if you haven’t checked out his YouTube page yet, then it’s about time you did.

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