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Fabrizio Pia

  • 2 min read

When it comes to modern artists with a unique style, there are few more intriguing than that of Fabrizio Pia. Creating music in the heart of Rome, Fabrizio has developed a style that transcends what he calls ‘normal music’, offering a complete creative experience that can be difficult to interpret and even harder to explain.

Before finding his passion for music, Fabrizio began as a painter, creating abstract works that saw colours, shapes, and inspirations collide on the canvas. Inspired by the freedom of the artform, Fabrizio created the eclectic Psicoastratta or ‘Psycho-abstract’, a unique style that traces reality and expands past traditional forms. Described as being “reminiscent of brain waves, psychedelia and abstraction,” its music designed to be meditated upon, rather than simply listened to.

Speaking of his style and the unique nature of his sound, Fabrizio explained, “I don't define myself as a musician, but a creative. In creativity, I seek and find. I painted for several years, then the passion for music, but not ‘normal’ music, my music is difficult to listen to... to understand... I defined it Psycho-abstract because I painted a lot of abstraction in painting, and I want to bring abstraction into music in some way, Fontana cut canvases, I use the pentagram.”

As with most original forms, Psicoastratta is often best experienced, rather than explained, and so Fabrizio has curated a special playlist entitled ‘Essenze – Psicoastratta’, which delivers nineteen original and profound compositions for you to experience.

Music that fiercely rejects the standard musical ‘canons’, Fabrizio’s Psicoastratta is a journey into "the abstract art of the mind", going beyond neuronal boundaries and beyond normality. Tune in above via Spotify, and for more, make sure you check out Fabrizio’s social media pages below.

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