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One of Australia’s most prolific and divisive independent talents, Imbred first came to prominence through his extensive use of Reddit ads, pushing his brash, DIY sound on an unexpecting public and inadvertently turning himself into an enduring cult figure.

Enigmatic and uncompromising, Imbred has risen to become an enduring and wonderfully prolific figure in Australia’s underground scene, carving out his own unique musical path that is spiked with dirty alt-rock sounds. Inspired by Magic Dirt, The Vines, Pixies, and a string of classic pub-rock and punk bands like Jet, The Celibate Rifles, Green Day, and The Sex Pistols, Imbred’s music as grown to become a reflection of his eclectic creative process and dark, troubled life, offering a means for escape and way for him to realise his potential.

After first coming to our attention in June of 2019 with the release of ‘Creep’, Imbred has been a constant presence on our pages, and yet he’s always remained somewhat detached from everything, letting slip on the barest of fragments from his life. A high school dropout, disenfranchised artist, habitual pot smoker, and Schizophrenia sufferer, Imbred’s music has always been his way to escape from the grey murky reality that surrounds him. In his own words, Imbred’s music is his ticket to something better, a way out of the small-town life he’s trapped in, and way to realise to his potential.

Musically unique, his sound centres around his unmistakable, sometimes abrasive vocals style and heavy grunge sound, offering a slew of dark, stormy anthems that capture the most visceral and emotive parts of his life. A true DIY artist, Imbred writes, records, and produces all his own music, leaning on session drummers and the occasional mixer to complete his harsh sounds and bring his work to life. A constant creator, Imbred currently has seven albums, one EP, and four singles in his diverse arsenal of sounds, making him one of the most prolific independent talents around.

A true believer in the power of marketing, Imbred has made his name through Reddit’s ad network, pushing his albums to over 130,000 streams on Soundcloud alone. While it hasn’t always been well-received, Imbred’s music consistently draws opinion from fans and critics alike, gaining hate and praise while he stays true to his own artistic vision.

You can stream all of Imbred’s albums through Spotify above, and be sure to visit our reviews section where you can dive into all of his albums one by one.

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