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An artist who fully embodies the uncompromising DIY spirit of the early punk days, Imbred has been carving out his own rough-cut path through Australia’s independent scene for years now. An artist who has grown to attain an undeniable cult status, Imbred first found his voice using Reddit ads, building a legacy that put his harsh, grunge-infused sound right in the middle of the mainstream.

After first coming to our attention back in 2019 with the release of his caustic, yet iconic album ‘Creep’, Imbred has spent the last four years becoming one of the most enduring and prolific figures of the underground scene. Inspired by Magic Dirt, The Vines, Pixies, and a string of classic pub-rock and punk bands like Jet, The Celibate Rifles, Green Day, and The Sex Pistols, Imbred’s music has grown to become a reflection of his eclectic creative process and dark, troubled life, offering a means for escape.

While a divisive figure, Imbred’s output cannot be denied, and from the humble beginnings with ‘Creep’, he’s become one of Soundcloud’s dominant figures. With thirty-one albums and over two hundred and fifty songs currently to his name, Imbred has been working tirelessly, challenging popular music with his own unique voice. Musically unique, Imbred’s sound centres on his unmistakable, sometimes abrasive vocals style and heavy grunge sound, offering a slew of dark and stormy anthems that capture the most visceral and emotive parts of his life.

A true DIY artist, Imbred writes, records, and produces all his own music, leaning on session drummers and the occasional mixer to complete his harsh sounds and bring his work to life. Recently, he has been re-working and re-recording sections of his sprawling discography, bringing some of his most celebrated and iconic albums into new light, including ‘Gold’, an expressive release from 2021 that put his sound into clear focus.

Most recently, Imbred has been channelling his music through 4chan ads, where they have been shown over ninety-three million times, with that number only continuing to grow. Breaking through to the more mainstream on his own terms, and while it hasn’t always been well-received, Imbred’s music consistently draws opinion, engagement, and focus.

You can stream all of Imbred’s music on Soundcloud now, along with selected albums on his Spotify.

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