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Armed with a bold, post-punk sound that echoes with the legacy of bands like PIL, Pixies, and The Stooges, Melbourne-based Indtiko (an abbreviation of I’m Not Dead That I Know Of) has been cutting a brash, undeniable path through the independent scene for the past few years. Fronted by the enigmatic Jake Moose, the band have been creating their own caustic fusion of punk and electronica that is turning heads and kicking up a storm throughout the underground.

Whilst the band’s online presence has remained relatively low key in recent times, they’ve remained active in real life, recording a number of new singles that are slated for release in early 2022, along with numerous gigs and shows planned throughout the closing months of this year. Musically, their style is filled with old school grit, leaning heavily on the early days of the post-punk movement and carrying forward the same snarling energy that legends like John Lydon and Iggy Pop championed throughout the late ‘70s and ‘80s.

Tracks like ‘Junction’, an early single from 2016, perfectly showcase how the band began, cutting a fierce line through the mainstream with clenched fists and plenty of aggression. It’s also a brilliant indication of Inditko’s strengths, which largely centre strongly on Jake’s lyrical prowess. Poetic in the same damning vein of John Cooper Clarke, his words are frequently inspired by his own life, creating a dark intimacy that is balanced by sharp, ironic wit and scathing social commentary. They’re not words he delivers lightly either, with his aggressive tones forcing them into being, while the rest of the band deliver a heavy fusion of riffs, bars and beats, that will hit you hard and then keep on hitting in a relentless whirlwind of post-punk brilliance.

More recently, Indtiko has continued to expand their abrasive post-punk sound with tracks like ‘Plastic’ and ‘In Search of Abuse’, taking to Spotify, Bandcamp, and YouTube to deliver their raucous sound.

While the recent lockdown due to COVID-19 has kept the band from performing live as much as they’d like, the appeal of Indtiko hasn’t dulled, and their current back-catalogue is filled with some of the most expressive, aggressive, and undeniable tracks that you’ll hear anywhere.

Check out their latest video for ‘In Search of Abuse’ above, and make sure you head to their social media pages below where you can lend your support and find out all the details of their upcoming gigs supporting Filth Dimension and Transitions in November.

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