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A talented up-and-coming songwriter and indie hip-hop artist, Knowlij has made his mark with a tender and collaborative debut single.

A father and fervent writer, Knowlij has developed a chill synergistic blend of hip-hop and pop that is uniquely his own. Behind the music, he’s become known for his inspiring, heartfelt, and passionate lyrics, shining a light on universal struggles and deeply human moments to forge a connection with listeners from around the world. For his debut single, the poetic and poignant ‘Kites’, Knowlij has delivered a masterclass in softly blended acoustic tones, minimalist production, tender verse, and some gorgeous vocals by his fiancée Holly.

Released in February this year, the single has quickly become something of a phenomenon online, reaching over 10,000 streams on Spotify alone, while also drawing praise from music sites like our own Broken 8 Records, along with Stereo Stickman, Tunepical, and more, who have called it “one of the most evocative releases of the year so far, it’s a must for any fan of modern pop and tender hip-hop” and said, “rhythmically alluring from the outset, ‘Kites’ has the makings of a timeless mainstream single.”

Speaking about the single, Knowlij explained, “Kites is a metaphor for our relationship when the wind blows, and we struggle to weather storms in life. A kite is something that is grounded by someone holding onto it. If you do not hold onto a kite when the wind blows it will blow away.”

Released for Valentine’s Day, the single is a passionate metaphor for Knowlij and Holly’s relationship, with the kites symbolising both Knowlij and Holly holding onto faith and each other throughout anything they encounter in life. To date, ‘Kites’ has soared past 10,000 streams on Spotify alone, earning acclaim from fans and critics alike.

The single is available now on most major streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music, delivering a magical moment in time that Knowlij and Holly have shared with the world.

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