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While the music industry might be focused on turning a profit and churning out the next ‘big thing’, there’s a growing need for musicians driven by passion alone. One of the many enduring artists that continue to create music to inspire and forge connections, Komyoun is a talented independent musician currently based within the beating creative heart of Sydney, Australia.

Recently, Komyoun laid his sentiment surrounding music bare, offering a simple, but refreshingly honest explanation that perfectly captures his musical ethos, “I just want to share my music. I want to write the music that is true to me and I want to share it”. While passion and a desire to connect with his audience might be driving factors today, it wasn’t always the case for Komyoun, and throughout his 20’s and most of his 30’s, he walked a very different path.

After carving out a life as a producer in various forms, Komyoun had almost experienced it all, traversing the highs and lows of the music scene and playing every gig imaginable, from empty rooms in local bars to festivals with thousands of people. Releases on major labels followed, as well as spells starting up his own independent labels, but whether by design, circumstance, or simple twist of fate, nothing ever seemed to stick.

Eventually, the hunt for that grand sense of success began to fade, and Komyoun began to re-examine his approach to music. The true catalyst came after he took a trek out into the Australian wilderness for a remote music festival, playing an intimate set to a hundred odd rabble of music enthusiasts. It was a show that would evolve into a rare moment of clarity and revelation, transcending the ordinary and leading Komyoun to realise that in all the years he had been making music and chasing success, he had never been connecting the dots between life, music, the people who love it.

From that moment onwards, he started afresh, breaking down his old habits and looking to create with a more open-ended music philosophy. “I would only write music that had significance to me, and that anyone who enjoyed it would be my brethren. Hence the name ‘Komyoun’ - to rediscover the communal nature of the celebration of music - to share it with unbridled humility, generosity and openness.”

Inspired by artists who have a strong artistic or experimental slant, like Aphex Twin, David Bowie and any number of faceless producers the colour the global music scene, Komyoun continued to make music, but did so on his own terms, “I know I have a lot more in me, and I think taking the pressure off the career and re engaging with my creativity will allow me to be more prolific - to write and perform and share more music.”

In that spirit, he has recently released details of his debut single, ‘The Process’, a stellar EDM-infused single inspired by the idea of having a process, a technique, or even a formula to creating new music. A release that lays out the creative process for the listener to discover, it shines through dynamic chords that rise up, beats that kicks hard and make their mark, and a rolling story that is told with brevity and purpose.

From the memorable melodic hook, to the well balanced production, ‘The Process’ perfectly introduces the new Komyoun, offering a unique glimpse into his creative process and newfound philosophy, while also perfectly capturing his desire to rediscover the communal nature of music.

Set for official release on October 20th this year, you can stream ‘The Process’ now via Soundcloud, or you can pre-save the single now on Spotify. Tune in above, and be sure to follow Komyoun on his social media pages below so you never miss a release.

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