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Leonard Damron

  • 2 min read

A talented hip-hop and RnB artist from Detroit, Michigan, Leonard Damron first began his musical journey at the tender age of twelve when he first started taking piano lessons. It was a simple action that would define the rest of Leonard’s life, igniting his passion for music and pushing him to become the best songwriter that he could be.

Since then, Leonard has been chasing his dreams, armed with an aspiration to write songs that reach millions of people through social media platforms, concerts, radio, and in big-screen theatres throughout the world. Now in 2021, Leonard is closer than ever to realising those dreams, and his Spotify page has become a constant source of entertainment and inspiration for over 25,000 loyal and captivated listeners.

More than your typical RnB or hip-hop star, Leonard’s music is honest, authentic, and wonderfully universal, and it’s all because of his heartfelt approach. At its core, Leonard builds his music from his own life, emotions and experiences, creating a triumphant and evocative style that has become “a foundation of sound principles about life to inspire the heart, soul and mind”. He continued, “my music comes from the heart with a strong emotional feeling of spiritual truth, happy thoughts, kindness and love.”

An undeniable talent whose music is perfectly accentuated by poetry and soul, Leonard’s sound is a gorgeous re-imagination of classic RnB, laying smooth beats and gospel sounds with intimate, emotive lyrics and plenty of heart. Combining clever lyrical expressions with innovative sounds and a keen level of social consciousness, Leonard has created a world that is expansive, versatile, and wonderfully produced, offering something for everyone to admire.

Four of his best releases to date, ‘Beautiful’, ‘Feel So Good’, ‘Love Conquers All’, and ‘I Grew Up In Detroit’ are all stellar examples of his multi-faceted sound. Covering new age RnB sounds, jazz instrumentation, rap beats, and expressive neo-soul vocals, they’re songs that shine with timeless appeal and brave, human emotion. You can stream all of these singles and more via the playlist below, as well as on our very own annual Spotify playlist.

Since starting his music career, Leonard has grown from strength to strength, opening for mainstream gospel recording artists like Ernest Pugh and the stellar award-winning artist Jonathan Nelson, while also performing concerts throughout the Birmingham area for the last ten years.

A one-in-a-million artist with passion and sensibilities that are second to none, Leonard is easily one of the most impressive RnB artists of the last few years, and with songs like ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Love Conquers All’ in his arsenal, he’s sure to be one of this decade’s most important new voices.

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