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Lil Gharsa

  • 2 min read

A wonderfully talented and fiercely unique artist who has been featured in world-class publications like Rapper Weekly and Disrupt Magazine, Malek Gharallah, better known by his musical moniker of Lil Gharsa, has risen to become one of the most promising and intriguing hip-hop artists of the last few years.

Like many budding new artists, Lil Gharsa began making music during the recent global pandemic, but unlike most musicians, he turned away from traditional instruments, and instead, to his computer.  Working with a wide array of sounds and styles, Lil Gharsa began to create his original brand of music through coding, turning a few lines into some truly mesmerising tracks, beats, and mixes.

With the release of his first single earlier this year, Lil Gharsa drew instant attention, earning praise for his bold, melodic style and clever use of technology. Since then, Lil Gharsa has continued to impress fans and critics alike, delivering a string of impressive singles that burst forth from the computer screen and explode through your speakers.

While wildly talented, it’s Lil Gharsa’s approach to much that really makes him stand out from the crowd, creating expansive musical spaces from line after line of code. It’s a wonderfully innovative style, and one that he sees becoming more prominent in the future, explaining, “The world is rapidly changing, and us, artists, need to acclimate with the change.”

With six singles available to date, Lil Gharsa has proven has talents beyond any shadow of a doubt, showcasing a clever artistic style and brilliant creative mind that continues to push the boundaries of the music industry.

Lil Gharsa’s music is currently available on Spotify, Apple Music and most other major platforms for you to enjoy, and make sure you check out his website and social media pages below to keep up to date on all his releases.

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