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Formed back in 2015, Mozey began as an intricate solo project, striking out and taking on the San Antonio scene with a vibrant flourish of indie rock brilliance. Helmed by local talent Luke Yurich, the first two Mozey albums were written and recorded entirely as a solo project, capturing a sense of modern energy that defied expectation and refused to be pigeonholed. Powerful, uncompromising, and undeniably original, Mozey’s first two albums locked in a strong foundation that has carried on to this day.

After enlisting an old friend and previous band mate, Joe Calderone, to play bass on Mozey’s third record, Luke went on to assemble a stellar cast of musicians, including Matt Davis and Andre DiMuzio, for breakthrough fourth album, ‘The Found Art of Making Things Worse’. Spurred on by the desire to elevate his music and make it something more than your typical experience, Luke held firm to the Mozey name through its transition to a collective, determined to capture the timeless idea of a band, while still being able to focus on his own songwriting and creative desires. A carefully chosen name, Mozey truly captures the band’s free creative spirit and ideology – a shortened form of mosaic, it represented the thought that every little thing that makes up a song, or even our day to day lives, creates on big beautiful picture.

A rare breed of band who have both style and substance, Mozey have built their sound from a pure love of music, refusing to take themselves too seriously and always willing to experiment, adding in little Easter eggs and vibrant personal moments that add a unique spin to their anthemic indie sound. Fuelled by irreverent, yet hopeful lyrics that are set adrift amongst a sea of nostalgic indie vibes, Mozey have forged themselves as a true ‘album band’, one that craft complete musical journeys filled with highs, lows, and deeply human moments.

A stunning example of this fact, the band’s latest album harks back to the golden age of music which bands wrote real albums, not just singles and radio filler. A joyous, but gritty ten-track release, ‘The Found Art of Making Things Worse’ is everything that makes Mozey so captivating, offering a diverse range of sounds that layer lo-fi anthems, stark rock vibes, and emotive hits.

Defiant, original, and unafraid to make the music that they want to hear, Mozey have become one of the most promising independent bands of recent years. You can stream all of Mozey’s releases today on Spotify and Bandcamp and be sure to follow them on their social media pages below, so you never miss a release.

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