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A composer, songwriter, and producer from the creative heart of Canada, nasmore is one of those rare talents who are set to take 2022 by storm. A free-flowing artist who incorporates different styles and techniques into his music, nasmore has become a fixture of the independent scene, working with a talented roster of artists and musicians to create his very own platform.

Like a great many artists, nasmore grew up constantly attached to his stereo system, fully immersed within the music the emanated from those old speakers. Inspired by all sounds and styles, nasmore taught himself the fundamentals of how to write and play his own songs. With an adventurous spirit and plenty of passion, nasmore developed an authentic taste for diversity that he instantly infused into his own unique process.

As he continued to shape and refine his talents, nasmore made a pivotal decision in the direction of his music-career, deciding to recruit guest stars and feature artists who could add their own collaborative spin to his singles. The result has been nothing short of monumental, and throughout the course of 2021, nasmore launched a series of incredible singles that established his name within the music scene.

With viral hits like ‘Your Bullet’ and ‘Say Goodbye’ created in collaboration with singer Cris Hodges reaching all the way around the globe, nasmore has become an essential new artist, and to celebrate his building momentum, he’s curated a Spotify playlist that perfectly showcases his unique and expansive style.

Featuring his own music and collaborations cuts with songs by some of the modern era’s biggest bands, the playlist shows exactly how far nasmore has come since his debut. Available above and artfully titled ‘#Dark Vibes in the Can’, it features ninety-four massive singles that shine to a different vibe. Check it out today.  

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