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An entrepreneur, innovative, and San Diego native, Steven Ozbun has become one of the biggest names in modern techno under the musical moniker of OzMusicNation. After arriving on the scene last year with his double single ‘Come Get It’, Ozbun has continued to impress, unleashing a steady stream of massive EDM anthems that have been burning through streams on Spotify.

Growing up in San Diego, Ozbun was heavily influenced by a melting pot of cultures and the blossoming rap scene, and he fondly recalls spending his days listening to hip-hop records with his older sister, “I would borrow her mixtapes and they would have Slick Rick, Eazy-E, Too $hort, and Snoop Dogg” he explained, “I would make copies of them for myself and listen to them with my friends.“ Along with rap, Ozbun also developed a deep love of house music, counting beats and visualising rhyming words that would fit.

It was from these early days that his love of music grew, and from then on, his goal was to put out music that everyone could relate to and find enjoyment in. As Ozbun grew older, he began to develop his own style, finding a way to combine the visceral energy of rap with the soulfulness of house music into his own unique style. It wasn’t always easy though, and Ozbun candidly remembers his early days of creating, “when I first started mixing rap music with house music, it always sounded off-beat and I took a brief pause from creating. When I returned to making more music, it was easier to blend both genres because of the new technology we have now. “

The end result of his experimentation, Ozbun’s style is impossible to deny, artfully combining nostalgic vibes and heavy EDM beats with rap lyrics and golden age flow. Since discovering his sound, Ozbun has been relentlessly releasing new music, garnering attention from publications like Contrast Mag, and winning over fans all across the West Coast.

With five standout singles to his name, Ozbun is easily one of the most innovative and creative talents in modern techno. Stream his work below, including standout singles ‘PayMyBills’ and ‘I’d Rather Be Broke’.

Alongside his promising music career, Ozbun has also made his name as a successful entrepreneur, making waves with his sunglasses band Trading Looks, and developing ‘Virtuavision’, a unique virtual reality software that will allow users to experience concerts from the comfort of their own homes, enriching their listening experience.

You can stream OzMusicNation’s fill back-catalogue on Spotify now and make sure you follow him on his social media pages below, so you never miss a release.

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