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Jun Yang Ng

  • 2 min read

A twenty-six year old producer and audio engineer, Jun Yang Ng is one of rising names when it comes to music production and engineering. Based in Brooklyn and a graduate of the famed Berklee College of Music, Jun began his music career playing the drums in high school, cutting his teeth with various shows and productions before moving on to his own DIY recordings. It was these early recordings that ignited Jun’s interest in engineering and production, and while his high school band might not have found enduring fame so far, it certainly set him on the right path.

With a long list of impressive credits to his name, Jun has been able to refine and evolve his production style, seamlessly transition from the old school methods to more contemporary processes. Preferring to stay in the moment with his work, Jun is most at home in the heart of the moment, working alongside artists in the rehearsal spaces to help craft the songs and form the arrangements before hitting the studio and putting their sounds on tape.

A rare hybrid in the production game, Jun’s work encapsulates large studio environments with traditional studio settings to the ever-changing modern needs of the industry, offering a complete working environment for his. While his skills have already been proven and celebrated on an ever-growing list of production credits, such as Abram’s ‘War In My Brain’, Gregory Wilson’s ‘No Music’, and Category 9’s ‘Tired Eye’, it’s his most recent work with Satva that best showcases his skillset.

Titled ‘We Are’, Satva’s track is a track of diverse tempos and drastic changes in sound, transitioning between soft, melancholic refrains to spikes of heavy electric guitar and relentless percussion. Jun’s work on the song perfectly captures these transitions, balancing the sounds, smoothing the edges, and adding just the right amount of studio magic to make it a polished, but wonderfully visceral cut. You can stream it below via Spotify.

Currently running Attic 26 in New York, Jun is well on his way to becoming one of the most revered and sort after producers and sound engineers. Be sure to get in touch with Jun through the Attic 26 website, or by sending an email to to secure your spot with him while you still can.

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