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Alias Wayne – ‘Chaperon’

  • 2 min read

An artist who has drawn praise for his gritty, rock’n’roll vocals and bold melodic charms, Ranzel X Kendrick, AKA, Alias Wayne, is a singer and songwriter like few others. With a growing discography that is filled with stellar emotive anthems, there’s never been a dull moment for Alias Wayne or his fans, and today, with the release of new single ‘Chaperon’, he’s added another impressive cut to his every evolving setlist.

A romantic new single that is filled with love, life, and devotion, ‘Chaperon’ is a tasteful guitar track that knows its boundaries and plays to its strengths, stitching together a warm melodic sound that pulls you in and holds you close. Vocally, it’s an impressive showcase of the range and authenticity that Alias Wayne has become known for, while the instrumentals flow freely, drifting in and out of focus with a unique sense of wonder.

Mixed and mastered to perfection, the song shines with heart, and it's this feeling, rather than the overall quality of the track that really holds your focus. A little bit country, but with a dash of folk and Americana, ‘Chaperon’ breaks through several tight-knit genres, creating a dynamic sound that will appeal to almost anyone.

Along with the release, Alias Wayne also shared his inspiration before the track and its accompanying lyric video, stating, “This is a light-hearted fun song video about shaking loose of the status quo and getting out into the world to explore and enjoy the release of taking a little time off with someone you love.”

A complete piece that is warm, heartfelt and captivating, ‘Chaperon’ revels in a gentle flow and quiet emotion, making its mark in the most human of ways. You can stream the new single today on all major platforms, and make sure you check out more of Alias Wayne’s releases on his website below.

Score: 7/10

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