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Alive Like A Suicide – ‘Blood Rose’

  • 2 min read

One of Western Sydney’s most explosive, independent punk bands, Alive Like A Suicide arrived on our doorstep last year, armed to the teeth with a vicious and wonderfully unrelenting sound. Making their name with the brilliant ‘Skeleton Bedsheets’, the talented trio of Mikki Stixx on vocals and bass, Djamel Warby-Sullivan on drums, and Jake Harris on guitar have been winning over fans and critics alike, sharpening their style and pushing boundaries wherever they might lie.

Clad in old school punk style and fierce modern energy, Alive Like A Suicide have become champions of the Australian pop-punk scene, proving their talents with heavy, raucous spells like ‘Up On The PunkSide’. A visceral, fun-loving piece that carved its way through the mainstream, the single hit hard and gained over 24,000 streams, paving the way forward for the band’s latest cataclysmic release, the undeniable ‘Blood Rose’.

A six-minute anthem filled with caustic sounds, rampant pop-punk energy, and contrasting peaks and valleys, ‘Blood Rose’ cuts you to the quick, delivering a rapturous sound that seamlessly combines nostalgic rock ballads with more invigorating punk refrains. Opening with a delicate string of solitary piano keys, the single builds into a searing slice of guitarwork, steady percussive strikes and calling vocals. Musically, it’s an expressive change of pace from the band’s earlier breakneck sounds, but it works brilliantly, showcasing a more artful and accessible side to the band’s expanding musical style.

Arching over a more restrained chaotic sound, ‘Blood Rose’ trims down the pace and untamed energy of the band’s sound, focusing instead on a timeless edge and rising anticipation to make its mark. Arguably, it’s a fierce look back towards more 80’s infused sounds, but the energy and artistry are wonderfully modern, revelling in contemporary vocals that elevate the track into a spirited modern-day ballad.

Speaking about the new single, the band explained their inspiration behind the change in sound saying, “the track is a nod to the rock ballads of the 80's, while also incorporating modern sounds, production methods, and composition techniques to achieve a sound that's both nostalgic and refreshing.”

A release that puts Alive Like A Suicide up there with bands like Fugazi and Unwound, ‘Blood Rose’ is an evolution in punk sounds, tearing away the idea that only rapid-fire spiked singles can work, the song is emotive, evocative, and wonderfully visceral, tapping into a gritty, grunge-esque sound that is sure to impress.

Available now on all major platforms, ‘Blood Rose’ is a brilliant illustration of Alive Like A Suicide’s talents, proving that their music and abilities can transcend short, sharp anthems and make the difficult leap to more developed and universal melodic styles.

For more from Alive Like A Suicide, including new releases, merchandise, and new on upcoming shows, be sure to check out their various platforms and social media pages below.

Score: 8.5/10

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