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Amaru – ‘Pa' Mi Gente’

  • 2 min read

For all the highs, lows, and trials that 2020 threw at us, there was no shortage of vibrant talents, and one of the absolute brightest was Amaru. A celebrated indie recording artist, actor, and published photographer, Amaru first rose to prominence when his critically acclaimed debut album, ‘Champagne Attitude’, surfaced in 2018, and ever since then, he’s been blazing an unstoppable trail that has culminated in twelve bold and utterly unforgettable singles.

The latest in a long line of impressive releases, ‘Pa’ Mi Gente’ is an empowering dedication to Latin culture, as well as a touching tribute to his thirty-year journey away from his South American homeland. Translated to ‘For My People’, and appropriately sung in Spanish, the single is a true testament to Latin grooves and lustrous dance energy, representing Amaru’s heritage and creativity with undeniable flair. Written by Amaru and produced with his long-time collaborator Marcel van Ling, there’s so much to love about the track, and it stands out just as brilliantly as a standalone single as it did on the album.

Filled with calypso vibes and crashing cymbals that fill the track with depth and unassailable energy, everything about ‘Pa’ Mi Gente’ celebrates all the colours, flavours, and vibrancy of Latin culture. Alongside the original track, Amaru has also shared two stunning mixes to complete the single, including the ‘'Sazón Remix', which was previously released on the album and introduces a softer salsa vibe, and the new 'Sabor Dance Mix', which elevates the single with a dynamic emphasis of its stellar dance vibes.

Available now, along with a stylish lyrics video that perfectly accompanies the new single, ‘Pa’ Mi Gente’ is an irrepressible example of why Amaru has become one of the biggest independent artists of the last two years.

Speaking candidly about the new single, Amaru explained, “I’m so happy to release ‘Pa’ Mi Gente’, which I wrote as a tribute to my homeland and a musical gift for South American people everywhere, whatever their social standing or location,” and if that’s not a perfect summation of the everything that the single stands for, then we don’t know what is.

You can find the three-track single today on all major platforms, and be sure to check out his award-winning, twenty-track album on Spotify.

Score: 7.5/10

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