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Amaru – ‘Tell Me’

  • 2 min read

Internationally acclaimed and fiercely independent, Amaru first appeared on our radar with the release of his seminal debut album, ‘Champagne Attitude’, a wild pop-infused album that soundtracked 2018 perfectly. It was an album that brought us all ‘Never’, an emotional single and ode to his late Grandmother that flowed unmistakable honesty, earning Amaru a wave of critical acclaim and a dedicated space on our website. Now, Amaru is back in the spotlight with another new mix from the album, delivering a special radio mix of ‘Tell Me’.

The eleventh single from Amaru, the radio mix of ‘Tell Me’ harks back to the mid-’80s when he first wrote the piece, combining a sharp political message with a timeless style that is just as fresh now as it was nearly four decades ago. A song about injustice, war, pollution, homelessness, chaos and a maelstrom of related global issues, the single offers a nuanced blend of African beats and universal melodies that perfectly enhance the nature of the lyrics.

An upbeat and wonderfully unique piece, ‘Tell Me’ is as diverse and impressive as Amaru himself, highlighting a fine medley of international sounds, expansive instrumentation and light pop sensibilities. While the music might be bright and expansive, it’s Amaru’s vocals and lyrics that really hold your focus, shining an unyielding light on the darker sides of society, and doing so with a dynamic and undeniable charming croon.

A timeless sound that doesn’t shy away from the big issues, ‘Tell Me’ is a welcome blend of danceable sounds and powerful lyrics, making it both a perfect radio anthem and a visceral call to arms. Enhanced by the official music video that you can stream below, ‘Tell Me‘ is a truly undeniable track that asks, what can you do to make the world a better place?

A poignant and powerful release, ‘Tell Me’ is an incredibly entertaining new mix with a compelling and captivating story behind it, delivering a strong combination of style and substance. You can tune in to ‘Tell Me’ today on Spotify, along with the rest of Amaru’s inspiring back-catalogue.

Score: 8.5/10

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