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Astomic – ‘There For You’

  • 2 min read

An expressive new artist who has recently started making his way as a solo star, Astomic is a talent on the move. Enraptured by music and dedicated to creating heart pounding, pulse racing sounds, Astomic is bold, brilliant, and ready to take on the world, and it’s all thanks to vibrant, energetic tracks like ‘There You Are’.

Born in Bielefeld, Germany, Astomic´s childhood memories have always had a soundtrack of their own. His father was a guitarist in a band, touring around the country until he later built his very own music studio, which became a haven for live recordings with different bands. It was a simple, but magical space, and soon ignited a spark that would later fuel his Astomic’s great passion. In 2009, Astomic was determined to take his passion to a higher level, and he quickly learned the ropes of the DJ trade. After a few years of practice, he became the resident DJ at one of Germany’s biggest online radio stations, as well as an avid creator of more nuanced house sound.

Armed with an open mind and an insatiable desire to create, Astomic spent the new few years indulging in rock music, German rap, trap and even the legendary sound of Scooter. With a melting pot of styles tied together by an unstoppable energy, Astomic took his first bold step towards making his own style of music this year, delivering a debut single that is sure to excite any fan of tropical house sounds.

Titled ‘There For You’, the new track is an impressive showing of talent from the aspiring artists, offering a deep house sound that is wonderfully melodic and utterly irresistible. Speaking about the new track as it appeared on Spotify and Soundcloud, Astomic explained, “‘There For You’ is my very first own track and I’m super happy to release it! We are living in wild times, and I wanted to create a track which can [be] perfectly played at the beach but also convey a little feeling of confidence.”

Armed with a wonderfully universal sound and style, Astomic has made his mark in a truly brilliant way, and in the years to come, we can’t wait to see what else he’ll be able to create. Stream the new cut today on all major platforms, as well as on our official Spotify playlist for 2022.

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