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Aveli Amun – ‘First 6’

  • 2 min read

For artists like Aveli Amun, anonymity is everything. It’s not a gimmick or an act, but a lifestyle driven by necessity, one where personal glory always comes second to the greater good. Speaking not from a personal perspective, but from a collective consciousness, Aveli raises his voice to counter the continuous manipulation of the masses, basing his sound and unyielding style on the belief that facts lead to truth, and truth leads to freedom.

In his latest album, the rich and confronting ‘First 6’, Aveli has unleashed a politically-charged maelstrom of street poetry and rap anthemics, lashing out at the sad state of the United States and relentlessly calling for change. A release that faithfully adheres to the hip-hop tradition of confronting society’s shortcomings, ‘First 6’ hits with a razor-sharp sound, cutting to the quick and refusing to settle for anything less than complete and total honesty.

In true form, Aveli opens the album with two hellfire cuts in ‘Hold the Line’ and ‘How Mushrooms Grow’, an eclectic musical piece that rally around supercharged vocals, hard-hitting lyrics, and an eclectic mix of melodic hooks and steady, rhythmic beats. Championing the cause and encapsulating Aveli’s form and intentions, the opening pair of tracks show how broken systems thrive when the truth goes unnoticed, highlighting the album’s central theme with crystal clear clarity.

The third cut ‘Your Feed’ carries on in similar form, pinning the blame on social media and holding it accountable, while ‘Living Wage’ takes aim at the poor conditions and struggles brought about by the minimum wage, offering a masterclass in emotive hip-hop sounds. As the dust settles around ‘Living Wage’ the fierce and phenomenal ‘Populace Leaders’ arrives, bringing to the fore a true highlight of the album. Filled with and restrained and righteous anger, ‘Populace Leaders’ is dark, expressive, and wonderfully rhythmic, carving a percussion led path through to closing anthem, ‘SCOTUS’.

An album filled to the brim with dark, rhythmic tones, titanic percussive loops, and passionate vocal tracks, ‘First 6’ is both a scathing review of America’s history of inequality, and a stellar testament to Aveli’s talents, exploring the politics of oppression and stripping back the golden sheen with poignancy, power, and proficiency.

Multi-faceted and musically diverse, ‘First 6’ is tied together by Aveli’s passion and delivery, making it not only a stellar musical release, but also a wonderfully raw look at the dark heart of modern America. You can stream ‘First 6’ above via Spotify and be sure to follow Aveli on his social media pages below so you never miss a release.

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