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Azure Wolf – ‘Black Fur’

  • 2 min read

A band born as a solo folk project; Azure Wolf have grown to become one of Virginia’s most prominent new projects. Comprised of Victoria Backle (singer-songwriter, rhythm guitar), Isaac Foltz (lead guitar and vocals), Sean Spencer (bass, synth and vocals), and Tommy Moore (Drums), their unique sound is built on a sharp collection of influences that range the Kings of Leon to Alt-J to Nirvana to Alanis Morrissette. Caught somewhere between fiercely modern and wonderfully timeless, they’re a band with a rare, captivating sound, one that is illustrated perfectly by their new single ‘Black Fur’.

After making their debut with ‘Dancing Bears’ back in March of 2020, Azure Wolf have wasted no time in establishing themselves as one of the best new bands around. In ‘Black Fur’, they’ve well and truly cemented their place at the forefront of the indie-rock scene, delivering a ‘90s inspired sound that blends perfectly with profound lyrics and an ethereal sense of style.

A truly compelling experience that delves bravely into the human condition, ‘Black Fur’ delivers an inescapable medley of bright piano chords, thunderous percussion, rolling basslines, and killer guitar riffs that will hold you entranced. Steered by a spellbinding sense of style that is stitched into every single note, ‘Black Fur’ sees Azure Wolf taking us all on a sonic expedition deep into the heart of survival, dissociation, and shared experience.

Lyrically, the single perfectly reflects the spirit of the music, delivering a series of powerfully dark images that form around lines such as, “You’re too pretty for this, that’s what he said, oh honey, you’re wrong”. Exploring the disassociation which follows on from trauma, the single shows that sometimes, there is no coming out of the other side as the person that you were.

Speaking candidly of the new single, Azure Wolf explained, “Black Fur is a conceptual song, inspired by personal experience, about the struggle of disassociating from traumatic experiences. It represents the moment of disconnection and becoming someone else. It was one of the first songs that Azure Wolf worked on together.”

The first of many releases that Azure Wolf has planned in 2021, ‘Black Fur’ is undeniable proof of the band’s talents. With three more singles set to be released soon, along with their highly-anticipated debut album which we can expect in Autumn 2021, Azure Wolf are definitely a band to watch.

Score: 7.5/10

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