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Ballin’ Jacks – ‘Success’

  • 2 min read

When you talk about a band like Ballin’ Jacks, it's almost impossible to capture the full picture. An eclectic psych-pop project who first appeared way back in 2014, the band have spent the last seven years developing their sound and creating the best lineup possible. With a string of triumphant performances throughout 2021, and news of their debut album stirring up excitement, the London five-piece have become one of the year’s most highly anticipated acts, and their long-awaited debut single is perfect proof of their talents.

A release that has been almost seven years in the making, ‘Success’ is an aptly named wonder that leans heavily on the band’s expansive arrange of influences, delivering a quickfire anthem that boasts massive appeal and plenty of nostalgia. Creating a heavy pop sound that is lined with classic blues style, ‘Success’ revels in a joyous, kaleidoscopic melody, one that pairs perfectly with the band’s ability to stitch real, human moments into shifting musical refrains.

Mixed and mastered by Brett Shaw at 123 studios and recorded between 123 Studios and Konk with Josh Green, the new single is everything we’ve been hoping for, crashing between colourful, irresistible sounds, bold stylistic choices, and rampant, cynical vocals that illustrate Ballin’ Jacks’ sound with picture-perfect clarity.

Available now on all major platforms, along with the official music video, ‘Success’ is a rare immersive track that will keep you guessing with every moment. Check it out below.

A cheeky middle finger to the people that place expectations upon artists to succeed while having no idea that their expectations really are, for the most part, unviable, ‘Success’ is powerful, pertinent, and well worth the seven years wait.

Score: 9/10

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