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Barbara Angel – ‘I'm in love with L.A. (feat. Prince Lit)’

by Thomas Bedward September 15, 2020

Barbara Angel – ‘I'm in love with L.A. (feat. Prince Lit)’

A young talent, Barbara Angel began has music career a few years ago, covering songs by popular artists like Ariana Grande, Camila Cabello, Marshmello, among others. It was a humble beginning, but one that led her to recorded debut single ‘Talk 2 U’, releasing it in March of 2019 to both critical and artistic acclaim. It was a single that went on to gain over 300,000 views on YouTube alone, carving out a vibrant pop sound that would colour her career to this day. Fast-forward several years and several singles, and Barbara is ready to release her most exciting and engaging single to date, matching her talents with the great Prince Lit to produce ‘I’m In Love with L.A.’.

An up-and-coming musician who has triumphed over pain, tears, and hardship, Prince Lit has been rhyming since the age of six, taking to the Colorado scene with vigour. After finding passion and nourishment in his Mother’s poetry, Prince Lit was inspired to create his own style of music, building a heavy, and wonderfully visceral hip-hop sound that flows with a rich medley of witty similes and fast-paced metaphors. Together, the Barbara and Prince Lit have breathed new life into the traditional pop-rap cross-over, dodging the cliches and shining a light on their combined talents.

A bright and bold three-minute release, ‘I’m In Love with L.A.’ bursting through your speakers and delivering an unforgettable, polished pop release. Opening with a sun-kissed melody that forms from a series of golden guitar strings and polished vocals, shining a light on Barbara’s polished pop sound and laying the foundation for a joyous ode to the City of Angels.

As the song continues, Barbara’s vocals cut in with a pristine quality, shining through the evolving pop melody with an undeniable sound. It’s a lavish, wonderfully build sound, one that shifts between calculated quick-stepping beats and joyous pop tones to create a universal sound that few listeners will be able to deny.

As Barbara continues her vibrant ode to L.A., sonic, synth-washed choruses sweep into view, taking the perfect pop anthem to a new high and setting the stage for Prince Lit’s quick-fire guest spot. Laying down an unstoppable and wonderfully dynamic flow, it’s a fresh take on a pop staple that adds some extra fire to the single and completing the stellar music adventure.

A gorgeous release that perfectly encapsulates Barbara’s growing talents as well as Prince Lit’s unique hip-hop style, ‘I’m In Love with L.A.’ is a shining example of modern pop, capturing the heart of the mainstream scene, while also offering enough original sounds to make it stand out from the crowd. A true pop triumph, and a single you can return to time and time again, it’s a prime example of everything that’s good about the dazzling world of pop.

Score: 8/10

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