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Beaux Atkins – ‘Redfearn’

  • 2 min read

An artist based in the rambling heart of Louisiana; Beaux Atkins carries with him a unique a wonderfully rustic Southern rock style. Best known for his 2015 album, ‘Shout Hallelujah’, Beaux has been cultivating a deeply sentimental sound, one that rings true with authenticity, hope, and undeniable talent. Now, seven years from the release of his acclaimed debut album, Beaux is back with the brilliant ‘Redfearn’.

Inspired by the life of Atkins’ grandfather Frankie Redfearn, the album is an ode and celebration of all that he lived through, and because of that, it’s filled with the most remarkable and heartfelt pieces. A former Special Forces operative in Vietnam, Frankie commanded both fear and respect, and on ‘Redfearn’ his actions and triumphs are perfectly immortalised in Beaux’s songwriting.

A delightful and touching musical journey that sees timeless Americana blending perfectly with elements of country, rock, and blues, shifting its focus between styles to deliver a project of boundless creativity and unlimited appreciation. On songs like ‘Jesus Is On My Side’ and ‘Put Me In My Right Mind’, Beaux creates a beautiful balance between fresh, funky instrumentals and spirited vocal refrains.

Elsewhere, Beaux effortlessly creates a wonderfully diverse sound, grabbing your attention with tracks like ‘Had To Let It Go’, and the undeniable ‘Redfearn’. They’re songs that stand firmly on their own feet, but also push boundaries and become part of a bigger picture, linking together to generate a refreshing and constantly engaging release.

Championing a Memphis rock sound that twists and transforms with every track, ‘Redfearn’ is an album that demands your attention, and quite rightly so. Overall, it’s a unique, captivating, and heart-warming release, and Beaux should be infinitely proud of it.

Score: 8/10

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