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Blind Uncle Harry – ‘I Just Want You To Know’

  • 2 min read

An acclaimed singer-songwriter who borrowed his stage name from his great uncle, Chris Doran, better known as the wild Blind Uncle Harry, has been kicking up the dust around Indiana for some time now, cultivating a textured folk-rock sound that is built on ‘hillbilly hippie shreddin', raucous live shows, and bold, extended solos. Hitting with vitality and a raw, expressive style, Chris has been winning over hearts and minds all across the globe, and it’s all thanks to tracks like ‘I Just Want You To Know’.

The latest in a long list of rightfully celebrated releases, ‘I Just Want You To Know’ arrives as a bold blend of sharp, evocative vocals, powerful percussion, and cascading rhythms. Built to last with a maelstrom of iconic Americana sounds, the new single is filled with pride, joy, and authenticity, delivering a homegrown anthem that boldly wears its heart on its sleeve.

Stripped back and free of any over-polished sounds, ‘I Just Want You To Know’ speaks straight from the heart, offering a tangible connection between artist and audience that shines with gentle folk-rock harmonies. It’s a subtle, but wonderful blend, one that snaps with drifting electric guitar and heightened drums, laying down a familiar melodic style that is perfectly punctuated by iconic guitar riffs and wayward emotive lines.

Undercut by vintage dynamics and golden, saturated sounds, Chris’ vocals add a touch of humour and humanity, carving through the music with an engaging and hard-to-forget style. Ultimately, it’s an unexpected, but welcome release, and it stands apart in all the best ways.

Described as the “musical antidote to these politically poisonous times”, Chris’ work as Blind Uncle Harry has never failed to inspire or entertain, and with his new single, he’s continued to impress, extending his reach and proving beyond any shadow of a doubt, the power of one man and some really good music.

Score: 8.5/10

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