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Blood Red Rose – ‘Dark Days’

  • 2 min read

One of the most exciting new prospects from the last few years, Blood Red Rose first came to us with the release of their debut album ‘Reflections’. It was a dark indie release that soared past all our expectation, and ever since it first aired through our speakers, we couldn’t put it down. Last month, the band surprised us again with a glimpse into their upcoming second album, delivering a more upbeat and indie-pop infused sound in the form of ‘My Stereo’. Now, Blood Red Rose have revealed another expansive look into their highly anticipated new record, and it comes in the form of ‘Dark Days’.

A nuanced new release that lives in the grey spaces between indie, pop, and timeless folk-rock, ‘Dark Days’ is a masterclass in building melodies from slow, ambient tones and rolling bass lines. Stripped back and faintly cinematic, the track steps into the spotlight with sharp ‘90s sound, delivering light stepping percussion and calling, folksy vocals that conjure up wistful dreams of better days.

When listening to the track, there is a growing familiarity about it, one that finds its feet early in the track and never quite leaves you, even after the track has faded back into silence. It’s a magical experience, one that continues the band’s exploration of timeless, semi-nostalgic sounds, while also pushing things towards more experimental, multi-layered compositions. While everyone will find their own influences in the track, for us, it’s a brilliant blend of The Cure, The Fall, and shades of later day Replacements that we just can’t shake.

A single that sums up the dark feelings shared all across the world, ‘Dark Days’ is an essential and deeply relatable new release. You can stream it below via Spotify, or head over to our very own Broken 8 Radio where it’s playing as part of our exclusive twenty-four-hour stream.

While Blood Red Rose’s second album might be stalled by the ongoing pandemic, ‘Dark Days’ is a perfect track to hold our focus, offering a fittingly dark and expressive new song for fans both old and new. Be sure to check it out on all your favourite platforms and follow the band below on their social media pages so you never miss a beat.

Score: 8.5/10

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