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Blood Red Rose – ‘Four’

  • 2 min read

Over the past few years, Wincanton trio Blood Red Rose have become one of the most prolific indie bands around. Challenging the indie-rock scene with their nostalgic brit-pop inspired sound, they’ve released a massive string of albums and singles that have changed the way we look at the independent scene. After first making their mark in 2020 with their debut record, the band have been on a constant creative streak, and today, they’re shared their aptly titled fourth record.

A ten-track release that includes their previous breakthrough singles ‘Parasites’ and ‘Blinding Lights’, Blood Red Rose’s fourth album is a welcome return from the group, hitting with charm, familiarity, and plenty of raw, indie energy. In the past, Blood Red Rose have always found a way to keep us guessing, and their new record is no exception, offering a new side to their sound that is just as raw and wonderfully authentic as ever.

Conjuring up instant connections to brit-pop’s later days where band were beginning to break away and experiment with more sonic sound, opening cut ‘I Will Wait’ is arguably the most instantly engaging track that Blood Red Rose have created so far. Wrapped in heavier post-rock sounds, it’s a track that sees the band kicking up the dust and branching out, delivering a post-punk inspired sound cut straight from the late ‘80s and dirty early 90s. From there, the album builds perfectly with ‘Don’t Wanna’, a gritty blend between old school synth-pop and textured proto-rock. It’s an undeniable sound, and its hard not to hit that reply button time after time.

Elsewhere on ‘Four’, ‘Beautiful Ending’ layers lingering acoustic charm and calling atmospheric passages, while ‘Victims’ and ‘Reach Out’ work together to create a unique space on the album, one that revels in rolling bass lines, abstract keys, and brooding guitar lines. It’s a return to more familiar territories, and it works brilliantly, showing that the band aren’t afraid to take a step back and just let the music flow. In the latter half of the album, previous singles ‘Blinding Lights’ and ‘Parasites’ hit with the same sense of excitement, before we’re treated to the closing trilogy of ‘Immune’, ‘Inside My Head’, and ‘Miles Away’, three cuts that rattle and roll with more overt post-punk and new wave sounds, while still holding firm to that raw Blood Red rose style.

While possibly not the band’s most cohesive record, ‘Four’ is easily their most expressive, with every song tapping into a more primal style, particularly in the vocals. Covering a vast range of styles from steady alt-rock to more immersive shoegaze, and everything in between, ‘Four’ is a testament to the band’s creativity and sits nearly among their discography as one of their most diverse pieces yet.

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