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Blue Soul Ten – ‘This Is Worth It’

  • 2 min read

An artist who offers an “electrifying amalgamation of blues, jazz, R&B, and soul”, Blue Soul Ten is arguably one of the most diverse and expansive artists around. With the Midas touch, they’ve been busily creating a unique musical experience that transcended known styles and simple classification, beginning with albums like ’Ten Percent’’Songs About You’, and ’The Incredible Sound of Blue’.

With seemingly limitless creativity, Blue Soul Ten has constructed an incredible body of music so far, writing a new story with each and every release, and today, the focus has fallen on their latest spectacular offering, the aptly titled ‘This Is Worth It’.

A titanic release that encompasses thirteen original tracks, ‘This Is Worth It’ is sure to impress even the most stubborn of music lovers, offering a brilliant array of sounds, styles, and artists. Opening with the groove infused ‘All We Need’, featuring the brilliant Syauqi Destinika, the album waste’s little time in making its mark, creating a fierce, melodic sound from layers of quick stepping percussion and warm, organic instrumentals. From there, every song hits like a hurricane, delivering a storm of bold, authentic sounds that shake and shine with rhythm, texture, and style. In ‘Different Than I’m Used To’, hints of didgeridoo combine with jazz instrumentals, while elsewhere ‘Up To You’ casts a triumphant light over slower, piano and brass compositions, along with some stunning vocals from Shamain.

Further into the album, the title track, featuring Dennis Lorenzo, artfully fuses funk and RnB flavours, creating a distinctive sound from leading guitar chords and an undeniably post-modern edge, while ‘Heavenly’ lives up to its name with a light flicker of hip-hop influences. In the closing moments of the album, Blue Soul Ten continues to impress and excite, crafting an unbeatable cascade of acoustic sounds that blend perfectly among moving string sections, piano arrangements, and bright brass sections.

Arguably on of Blue Soul Ten’s defining musical moments, ‘This Is Worth It’ is music with real heart and meaning, and the producer does a brilliant job of crafting evocative melodies around a central theme of love and acceptance. Filled with mystic, romantic, and often ethereal sounds, it’s an album that you can easily lose yourself in, and it’s another powerful testament to Blue Soul Ten’s talents.

Score: 8.5/10

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