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Brunette – ‘Fight Night’

  • 2 min read

A rough-and-ready five-piece band blending old school Americana with raucous indie rock sounds, Brunette is on a mission to bring back the brilliant, renegade sounds of authentic rock music. Formed in late 2020 by childhood friends and dual songwriters Sam Holt and Joey Hays, the band has become synonymous with evocative songs that reflect the impermanence of adolescence.

In their debut release, the brilliant ‘Old Shitty Ford’, the band delivered two massive cuts that oscillated between energetic, guitar-heavy choruses and intimate heart-on-their-sleeve verses, but now, they’ve upped the ante even further, setting fire to Spotify with the release of ‘Fight Night’.

Fixating on anxiety and apathy working in tandem, the new release delivers two titanic new tracks that earmark the band as one of the most exciting groups around. Striking hard with intense guitar riffs and honest, authentic vocals, the tracks are a perfect illustration of Brunette’s sound and style, carving away the unnecessary bells and whistles to paint an uncomfortable, yet all too relatable picture of feigning detachment in the face of love.

Armed with eloquent lyrics and a touching rhythmic backing, there’s magic in the tracks, and if Brunette can keep writing music with this much heart and excitement, they will be headlining festivals and selling out stages in no time.

Announcing the tracks online, the band shared, “’Fight Night’ and ‘Pall Mall’ out on all streaming services (name one it’s on there)!! So proud of these and so pumped for you all to listen. Thanks to everyone that helped make this happen.”

With intense guitar riffs and soothing vocal performances, fans and critics alike will fall in love with Brunette, and their new songs are available now on major streaming platforms.

Score: 8/10

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