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Capoccia – ‘Old School’

  • 2 min read

A personal punk-rock project founded on an enduring love for the genre, Capoccia is a modern take on a brash, visceral, and timeless genre. A solo project built in the heart of Munich, Germany, Capoccia takes lead from classic punk acts like NOFX, New Found Glory, and the Millencolin, but while his inspirations might be held firmly in the late ‘90s and early 2000s, his sound has a far more modern energy, carving out a powerful slice of new-age punk rock that will impress fans of all ages.

In his debut album, the aptly titled ‘Old School’, Capoccia revisits a tight-knit string of eleven tracks that he wrote over the years, stitching them together to create the first unforgettable look into his sharp creative world. After reworking his early demos and finally finding the time to recorded them, Capoccia has clearly come out swinging, and the album opens with a brash, classic pop-punk sound that will instantly take you back to the raucous nights of the late ‘90s.

Titled ‘Frame’, the opening cut is a devastating song packed to the brim with a breakneck tempo, catchy hooks, fierce power chords, and waves of distortion. Above it all, Capoccia yells and howls, “I read the news today”, and for the next forty-three seconds, the world is his. As the album continues, ‘Double Talks’, ‘Wake Up Call’, and ‘Lost Control’ carry the old school anthemics on, delivering wave after wave of heavy, dirty guitar, snarling punk energy, and some infectious underlying harmonies.

It takes only minutes for each song to hit you and then fade away, but that’s always been the beauty of punk rock, and as the album continues on to highlights like ‘Point of View’, ‘Press the Button’, and ‘Hey!’, it’s impossible to not find some raw joy in the chaotic sounds before you.

An album that doesn’t seek to reinvent the wheel or change the direction of an established movement, ‘Old School’ is built out of love and respect for the genre, and in the respect, Capoccia has absolutely excelled. You can stream the full album above via Spotify, while it's also available now on all major platforms.

Score: 7.5/10

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