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Check’a Fred – ‘Itty Bitty !’

  • 2 min read

It’s an obvious truth, but rap is full of cliches, from the guns and violence to the lust for fame, money, and women, it’s easily one of the most ‘paint by numbers’ genres out there. While some rappers might look to break the cycle and change the foundation, others are happy to double down on the overt nature and two-dimensional themes, following a well-trodden path to the big time. One of these artists is the Chicago-based talent of Check’a Fred, who today makes his mark on the modern hip-hop scene with the release of his energetic, dance-heavy single, ‘Itty Bitty !’.

Taken from his latest album, the optimistically titled ‘Check Mate !’, ‘Itty Bitty !’ was written to deliver a vibrant wave of upbeat hip-hop, and in truth, it does just that. Offering a sharp blend of chilled vibes and simple, yet effective beats, it’s a track that pays homage to late nights and dance energy. A testament to the track’s power, Rock the Hip Hop recently said that ‘Itty Bitty’ is “the perfect strip club song”, further adding, “I can picture myself in the club throwing ones at a stripper who has “itty bitty” titties. This song is perfect.”, which is a good thing, we have to assume.

The power of the track definitely comes from Check’a Fred’s bravado and charism, pushing the envelope and winning you over with that ‘women want him, men want to be him’ attitude. Whether that confidence is real or not, or translates perfectly to the track, creating an undeniable sound that will entertain the mainstream audience, and at least draw a smirk from the more stubborn of listeners.

Alongside the track, you can also tune in to the official video for ‘Itty Bitty’, which is pretty much exactly what you would expect it to be. Ticking all the boxes of cash, suggestive dance moves, and dynamic camera shots, its available now on YouTube.

An unforgettable introduction to Check’a Fred for the uninitiated, ‘Itty Bitty !’ doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it is undeniably fun, proving that he, along with Blue Door Studios and Rawthenic Entertainment know how to create a hit.

You can listen to the new single above, and be sure to check out the full album if it takes your fancy.

Score: 6.5/10

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