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An Italian-Ghanaian rapper who has been hard at work carving out his own path through the concrete jungle of the UK rap scene, CHOZE is arguably one the most exciting talents around. Delivering a unique sound that revels in unorthodox samples, infectious beats, and carefully crafted verses, CHOZE has spent years perfecting his style, and now, with the release of his new album, he’s revealed the next step in the evolution of the game.

With every new release from the grime scene, you can be sure you’ll find an eclectic mix of fast-paced rhythms, crisp melodies, and sharp, energetic verse, and on his new album, CHOZE has delivered all three in droves. Titled ‘D.I.Y’, the new record pays homage to the scene that raised CHOZE, as he explained, “It has always been a dream of mine to create a piece of music that represents my life story, my trials, tribulations and triumphs - all laid bare in one album.”

Right from the opening track, you can tell there’s something special about the album, and CHOZE pushes hard to make ‘Badderz’ as memorable and enjoyable as possible. Hitting hard with a fierce, refreshing energy, it’s a track that capitalises on his natural creativity and talents, while also casting a glance back to the golden years of UK grime. From there, the hits keep on coming, with tracks like ‘Built 4 Dis’ featuring the brilliant Lion Art, ‘Drug Muzic’, and ‘Wake Up’ featuring CROPZ and Barrington Levy, carrying that nostalgic essence forward, while also highlighting CHOZE’s passionate flow and raw, blazing rhythms.

Elsewhere, ‘Last 1’s Left’, ‘I Apologise’ and ‘Sending the Signs’ all build on more melodic ground, delivering an intense and instantly captivating sound that are filled with heart and emotion. It’s these tracks where you first realise just how impressive CHOZE is, and even after just a few casual listens, you’ll find it impossible to not sing along to his lyrics.

When making the album, CHOZE explained that he “wanted to create a body of work that would help continue to break down barriers and to keep the legacy of the UK music scene and its history alive,” and on ‘D.I.Y’, he’s done just that.

Available now on all major platforms, ‘D.I.Y’ is an essential new release for all fans of UK rap.

Score: 8.5/10

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