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Chrystal Copland – ‘EP

  • 2 min read

New York-based model Chrystal Copland has already become one of the most recognised names and faces in the city that never sleeps, but now, with the release of her aptly titled debut EP, she’s set to become one of the most recognisable talents of the modern music scene. Armed with a gorgeous and wonderfully authentic sound that reveals Chrystal to be a natural entertainer, the release strips back the gloss and glamour of her modelling career to revealing the sharp, emotive mind and beautiful beating heart that lies beneath.

A six-track affair that revels in uplifting vibes and lavish, evocative sounds, ‘EP’ creates an almost instant impact, one that shines through glorious, optimistic sounds that are guaranteed to impress fans and critics alike. Sentimental, yet confident, the EP opens with the fantastic ‘Run (No One Will Save You)’, a beautiful, almost haunting piece that rises from an anthemic backdrop of soaring guitars and captivating vocals. Lying delicately between modern pop and adventurous avant-garde, it’s a track that perfectly encapsulates the tone of the album, shining a light on the darker side of life, while also offering hope for and solace for anyone who cares to tune in.

As the EP continues, tracks like ‘Fade into You’, Way Out’, and ‘I’m Not Broken’ continue this aesthetic, delivering a seamless blend of subtle synth backing and nuanced, almost minimalist tones. While every song has its own character, Chrystal’s pure vocals and emotive delivery brilliantly stitch them all together, creating a flowing tapestry of artful, human moments that is sure to charm, and guaranteed to entertain.

A stunning, polished, and most importantly authentic release, ‘EP’ is a pure illustration of artistic impression, and Chrystal should be so proud of what she has achieved. Utterly essential listening, you can stream the full EP below via Spotify,

Breaking it down, there is so much to enjoy about Chrystal’s EP, from the reflective and refreshingly honest lyrics to her sharp, evocative delivery, and the vibrant, harmonious sound, ‘EP’ is easily one of the most expressive and accessible releases of the year. Tune in today and be sure to follow Chrystal on Instagram and Spotify below so you can follow her remarkable career.

Score: 9/10

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