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Come Taste The Misery – ‘House of Silence’

  • 2 min read

Fans of heavy indie rock sounds might already be familiar with Christos Kariotis, the talented guitarist behind the infectious riffs of A Different Ending… and My Creepy Susanne. A multi-talented musician and composer, Christos has become synonymous with hard cut riffs, dark storytelling, and bold, evocative vocals, as well as a restless creative energy that he has poured into a string of impressive projects. Most recently, Christos revealed a brand-new project through which he can explore his unique musical style, introducing Come Taste The Misery with the release of an expressive six-track album.

Titled ‘House of Silence’, the new release is a bold musical journey, one that delves into stark retro sounds and immersive rock anthems that shift and evolve throughout. Opening with the title track, the EP sets the tone early, delivering a simple, but perfectly cast piece of guitar work that is layered with crashing drums and a dramatic volley of almost-spoken word vocals. It’s an introduction that revels in effective, fading soundscapes, rising and falling suddenly throughout each chorus and balancing a medley of contrasting themes such as quiet and loud passages, light and dark inferences, and more upbeat stylistic choices with strong, sweeping movements.

Second cut ‘Low’ follows suits, revelling in intoxicating rock sounds that hum with faint echoes of vintage distortion, before Christos skilfully changes the tone in ‘A Canvas Full Of Nightmares’. A far more mellow composition that leans heavily on rolling bass notes, it’s a single that gives you time to pause, pulling you in slowly until it’s ready to deliver a devastating blow in the chorus. In the latter half of the record, Christos shows he has a few more tricks up his sleeve, sharing a more introspective piece in the scathing ‘Snakebite’, while also drifting into more ambient, leading sounds in ‘Danger Zone’, an expressive and perfect constrained piece that is far more expressive than its name might suggest. The final piece of the album is arguably the most intriguing, however, with ‘Pale Dove’ delivering the haunting, but unforgettable vocals of ILYA. A piece that is as poetic as it is enchanting, ‘Pale Dove’ is a captivating pairing that showcases the best of both artists and completes the record perfectly.

While it’s easy to say that every album has something special to offer, it’s never been truer than with ‘House of Silence’. Artistically, it's fresh, engaging, and has the innate ability to get under your skin, conjuring up emotions and carrying you away to forgotten places. It’s a rare, authentic, and wonderfully rewarding piece, and if you take the time to listen, you’ll definitely become a fan.

Score: 8/10

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