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Cristian Uraga – ‘Haze Space’

  • 2 min read

A relatively unknown artist, but one with plenty of potential, Cristian Uraga is a new breed of musician making music on his own terms. An enigmatic star who has risen quickly over the past few months with singles like ‘Living Top Life’ and ‘Popping Dreams’, he’s become something of an underground sensation, boasting over 24,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and over 40,00 combined streams since the year began.

Known for his flamboyant and often imposing style, Cristian has created a sonically driven sound that stitches together bold melodic spaces, rhythmic house melodies, and subtle percussion into one unique, and utterly engaging style. While his previous singles proved his talents and dispelled any notion that he was just a one hit wonder, it’s his latest single, the artfully titled ‘Haze Space’ that has really grabbed our attention, delivering an emotive and wonderfully expressive sound that emerges from the most humble of beginnings.

Armed with an elegantly rhythmic sound and simple percussive beats, the track is a noted departure from his previous singles, shifting away from the more deliberate and contemporary sounds to explore heartfelt acoustic territories. A wandering melodic piece, the single is simple, but wonderfully effective, creating an almost timeless sound from disarming guitar chords and gentle, rustic sound. Adding to the mix, Cristian includes some subtle percussion that flickers in the background, developing a nuanced, enjoyable melody that instantly gets under your skin. As the song continues, Cristian employs some subtle, transformative strides, creating an evolving musical world from bare essentials, clever artistry, and raw production.

Available now on Spotify, where the single has already garnered over 10,000 streams in just a few shorts days, ‘Haze Space’ has become a unique musical piece for Cristian, and its hard to not be impressed by it. You can stream the new single below via Spotify, and don’t forget to save and add it to your playlists for later listening.

A track that’s not to be missed, ‘Haze Space’ sees Cristian branching out into new musical territories, offering a new side to his style that is sure to benefit him in the long run. Make sure you tune in to Cristian over singles to explore his more contemporary sounds and follow him on Instagram where you can keep up to date with his latest releases and gigs.

Score: 7.5/10

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