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David Lockwood – ‘The Rest Is History’

  • 2 min read

A singer, songwriter, and musician with a lifetime of stories and experience, David Lockwood has always intertwined music with memory. A timeless talent with a truly versatile sound, David has been developing his style since he could first play the piano, and through his music he’s carried the weight of the world, stitching together memories, emotions, and poignant moments into wonderfully relatable musical moments.

While David has already proved his talents several times over with releases such as ‘Modern Love’ and ‘No More A Stranger: Hymans and Songs’, it’s his latest album that has really piqued our interest. Titled ‘The Rest Is History’, the new album is a retrospective blend of music and emotion, one that paints a gorgeous and wonderfully universal tapestry of sound and style.

Offering fourteen original pieces, ‘The Rest Is History’ is a perfect reflection of David’s heart and soul, delving into the deepest, more vulnerable parts of his world, and bravely putting them into ours. Musically, it’s a vivid mix of compositions, treading new ground in each song and sharing a highlight reel of musical engagements and growing melodies. Songs like ‘Blue on Blue’, ‘Away From Here’, and the soulful ‘Koko Sioux’ shine with raw, undeniable heart, touching on subtle balladry and spacious melodic passages.

Elsewhere, ‘Find My Way’ is a tender piece that lingers long after it’s finished, while ‘Twenty-Seven Ways To Fall In Love’ revels in a tightknit blend of grave and groove. It’s a wonderful and engaging style, one that is all too easy to get lost in, and David commands it perfectly, knowing exactly when to push the boundaries and when to hold the line.

Recorded live in the studio with a roster of impressive musicians, ‘The Rest Is History’ is a touching reflection on memory, mortality, and the many forms love takes. A true and underappreciated gem, it’s an album that is well worth experiencing.

Score: 8/10

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