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Del Vertigo – ‘On The Day That You Come To’

  • 2 min read

A uniquely talented multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and sound engineer from Los Angeles, Eric Schaffer, otherwise known by his solo moniker of Del Vertigo, has been bringing delivering his signature sound for the better part of fifteen years. Armed with a rapturous sound that is spiked with inspiration from Radiohead, Deerhunter, The Pixies, Nirvana and Modest Mouse, Eric has already created an impressive reputation among the music world, and with his latest EP, he’s shared an impressive new chapter in his ever-evolving legacy.

A release that shines with avant-garde energy, ‘On the Day That You Come To’ is arguably his most explorative release to date, touching on a fine maelstrom of styles that ebb and flow through artful meditations on disconnected relationships, faltering feelings, and the ways in which they can be fixed. Offering shades of traditional pop, while also playfully adopting more ambient textures, the album is a transformative listening experience, one that revels in both slow, organic builds and more rapturous, entropic moments.

Beginning with ‘Obsidian Hills’, the record presents a wistful Americana sound, shuffling forward with an easy, effortless quality. It’s a song that lets you slip painlessly into the EP, conjuring up pastoral sounds that ebb and flow gloriously. Elsewhere, ‘There’s A Glimmer In The Thicket’ unfolds with a more overt pop sound, layering golden vocals with commanding guitar chords. For ‘In Dreams’, Eric creates some impassioned vocal refrains, capturing a moment within each chorus, while ‘The Fall’ and the title track act as a perfect closing pair, showcasing emotionally charged rhythms and plenty of wonderfully cathartic moments.

A release that is built to invoke emotion, ‘On The Day That You Come To’ is music at its most free, straying far from clichés or overly formulaic pattern and trusting that each song will forge its own sense of wonder. Well produced, and true to Eric’s artistic vision, the new record is one that deserves to be heard from start to finish.

Score: 8/10

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