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Destroy the Planet – ‘Episode 1: Hungry for the Science’

  • 2 min read

A Minnesota rock band who seamlessly blend brash, cataclysmic rock with themes that cut from the annals of horror and sci-fi, Destroy the Planet have recently released their titanic debut album, and it’s an absolute whirlwind of fast-paced drums, wild guitars, and heavy, grooving bass lines. After first giving us all a glimpse of their raucous style with the release of debut single ‘Control’, the band are ready to make their mark on the world stage, and with ‘Episode 1: Hungry for the Science’, they’ve not just broken the mould, they’ve absolutely shattered it.

An eleven-track release built from a rough-and-ready mix of aggressive anthems and atmospheric ballads, ‘Episode 1: Hungry for the Science’ is an explosive epic that impresses time and time again, shaking you to your core with a brazen mix of dark vocal melodies, spiked heavy metal sounds, and unrelenting punk flourishes.

Making an immediate impression with opening track ‘Twisted’, the album cuts you in half, forcing its way through your speakers with raw, potent vocals and intense guitar work that twist and scream as the song builds. It’s a brilliant introductory piece, drawing you into Destroy the Planet’s stormy world and demanding you pay attention. As the second track arrives, we return to the familiar anarchistic sounds of ‘Control’, a wild adrenaline rush that kicks and screams throughout its four-minute run. At just two tracks in, it’s clear that the band have put their all into the album, and it’s an absolute joy to hear.

As the album continues, ‘Enemy’ surfaces as a brazen highlight, tearing down the walls and baring its teeth to deliver a maelstrom of finely tuned mayhem, while elsewhere ‘Maggots’ hits with a kaleidoscopic sound that is destined to be revered. While the full album is a defiant patchwork of thrilling, old school rock brilliance, there is a lot of variety on show, and the progression between tracks such as ‘The Worst’, ‘Crawl’, and ‘Time’ make for a truly engaging ride. Even in the closing moments, ‘Episode 1: Hungry for the Science’ continues to deliver, and the closing track is arguably one of the best. Titled ‘Headlights’, it’s a five-and-a-half-minute epic that adds a final brilliant flourish to a hard cast, sci-fi odyssey.

Shining a spotlight on the trio’s ability to craft and create truly unique rock and roll anthems, ‘Episode 1: Hungry for the Science’ is arguably one of the most innovative and original rock releases that we’ve heard in years, and it deserves all the praise that’s its earned so far.

Hitting with a wonderfully original sound that will echo for the next few years, ‘Episode 1: Hungry for the Science’ is a bold debut, one that earmarks the band as a fresh new sound that is destined to go far. In the end, all we can say is roll on ‘Chapter Two’.

Score: 8.5/10

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