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Disinterment – ‘Defiled Covenant’

  • 2 min read

A death metal band who have cultivated a powerful reputation for their brutal, unyielding live performances and deft cover versions of some modern, metal classics, Disinterment have become legends within their genre. Formed in the early ’90s, the band have become known as one of the most brutal bands in Manila, a title they proudly wear and uphold to this very day.

A talented five-piece, the band first came into prominence with the release of ‘Defiled Covenant’ in 2007, bringing it to the shores of New York, Florida, and California with a special physical release. Although the band have since gone on to release two further albums, with ‘Demoniacal Dispel’ and ‘Domination Defied’ receiving physical releases stateside between 2007-2008, its ‘Defiled Covenant’ that has really become a trademark of the band’s sound.

Originally written throughout the late '90s, the album wasn't finished until 2002-04, with the band refreshing and evolving the sounds. Built on eight tracks of solid and unrelenting death metal, the album howls and breaks free the chains of its genre, building a unique and refreshing approach that shakes you with cataclysmic force. Ruthless in its composition and brilliant violent in its delivery, the album has a way of beating you into submission, leaving you in awe and with several furious riffs continually rolling through your mind. It’s an album that produces blow after blow of pummelling, skilfully placed riffs and distorted sounds, leaving only two logical conclusions, that Disinterment really are masters of the craft, and that ‘Defiled Covenant’ will be distorting minds and wrecking speakers for years to come.

You can stream ‘Defiled Covenant’ on Spotify now, or buy your own digital copy through Amazon and iTunes below.

Score: 9/10

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