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Doug Ferony – ‘I Love You More Today Than Yesterday’

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An artist who is living proof that swing is still alive and kicking, Doug Ferony has kept the flame burning brightly for the last three decades. After first making his mark in 1994 with the release of his debut album, ‘I’m In Love With a Girl’, Doug has been a constant musical force, blending his charm, talent, and undeniably smooth voice to create a timeless mix of jazz, soul, and classic swing. Born from the same school of singers that brought us Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and Bobby Darin, Doug has proven his talents time and time again, and today, he’s re-releasing one of his most loved singles, breathing new life into ‘I Love You More Today Than Yesterday’.

A joyful and uplifting release that has been thrilling pop fans since its original release in 2011, ‘I Love You More Today Than Yesterday’ finds Doug expressing what it’s like being in love more and more each day, and how he’s grateful for living each day in love. Brimming with deep emotions that are enveloped in an artistic and comfortable musical arrangement, the new single wraps the listener in an opulent blend of modern jazz and evocative swing, conjuring up a big band sound that will speak to the heart and soul of every listener.

Unfolding as a perfect soundscape that merges the sporadic and diverse stylings of jazz with the dynamic movement of swing, everything about the single is designed to evoke a feeling of love, from the stunning orchestration and mesmerising lyrics to Doug’s utterly captivating vocals. All said, ‘I Love You More Today Than Yesterday’ is a love song cut from the golden age of sound.

You can stream the re-released single below on Spotify, while the full ten-track album, ‘You Will Be My Music’, is available to stream here.

Easily one of Doug’s most enduring singles, the track is a beautiful and expressive piece that perfectly conveys deep, universal emotions and a keen eye for unyielding melodies. Be sure to stream the re-released single above and follow Doug on his social media pages and Spotify so you can experience his full back-catalogue.

Score: 7.5/10

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