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DW – ‘Kissed By An Angel’

  • 2 min read

In the latter half of 2020, Dan Wande was arguably one of the biggest names on our pages. A well-travelled artist with a legacy that stretched across four decades, Dan took the year by storm, realising his solo ambitions and releasing three massive and wonderfully diverse albums out of his home studio in the North of Sweden. Titled ‘Wings’, ‘Way Back’, and ‘Dragon Force’, the trilogy was an undeniable showing of force and creativity, one that was uncompromising in its scale and sound, and perfectly illustrative of Dan’s unique vision.

Today, after a year away from the spotlight, Dan is back in action, adding a bold new chapter to his ever-impressive musical journey. Now under the simple moniker of DW, the new two-song single arrives as a transformative and widely expansive piece, one that sees him entering heavier, modern metal territories and experimenting with more dark and stormy textures.

While Dan’s previous releases were more solo in nature, ‘Kissed By An Angel’ sees him teaming up with a few new faces, bringing in more deeply layered sounds that help bring his ambitious new project to life. Dan explained, “On this album, there is a new guy who is rumbling the drums, Fabio Alessandrini who normally plays drums in Annihilator. Another new wonderful artist is Ulrica Backman who together with Eugenio Paludi are singing backing vocals. As usual, I have Mark Brown on keyboards, Marcin Palider on Bass. Also, my sharpshooting guitarist Giacomo Pasquali. As solo guitarist, I have also a new guy, Adam Ward who combined a pretty nice touch of jazzy tones on the solo to ‘Kissed By An Angel’.”

The result of all these new talents is something that’s impossible to deny, and everything about the new tracks is sure to impress, entertain, and invigorate in equal measure. Opening with the titanic title track, the new release shakes with a power and passion that only Dan could create, pushing his heavy rock sound to the limits and then bravely doubling down on it. Filled with heavy metal hooks, striking riffs, and one of the heaviest sounds that Dan has created so far, ‘Kissed By An Angel’ is dark, gothic, and wonderfully atmospheric, offering a classic sound that has been spiked with wandering organ keys, fantastical lyrics, and sharp, cinematic touch.

For the second track, Dan shakes things up again, conjuring up a more radical hard rock sound that swings hard with a heavy dose of old school heavy metal. Built on a fierce torrent of scathing riffs, epic choruses, and brash solos, the track is a cataclysmic release that is impressive, technical, and filled with untameable energy.

Taking the best elements of his previous releases, while also reaching out for something new, everything about Dan’s new release is refreshing, explosive, and sure to inspire. Mixed and mastered in Gothenburg by Cristoffer Borg of Far Beyond Productions, the two tracks that makeup ‘Kissed By An Angel’ are arguably some of Dan’s best, and they’re a fitting introduction to his new life as DW.

Score: 9/10

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