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Elias Strategos – ‘Righteous Imperfection’

  • 2 min read

A new breed of rap icon that has been heralded as a “hip-hop prodigy”, Elias Strategos has been dominating the modern rap world throughout 2020. An uncompromising talent and Atlanta native, Elias has forged his sound from a life of hardships, creating a unique and unyielding sound that hard-hitting street sounds with his own unique flow. After first landing in the rap world in 2018 with the release of ‘Godflow’, Elias has been laying waste to both the underground and mainstream scene, pushing the genre and his own talents to the very limit.

His latest, and most intense, offering to date, ‘Righteous Imperfection’ was released in the final days of August and has been unstoppable ever since. A titanic five-track EP, it’s a release that pushes a knife deep into the beating heart of the genre, twisting the blade around an unrelenting stream of hard-hitting beats and fierce vocal tracks.

A release that never fails to hit its mark, ‘Righteous Imperfection’ delivers time and time again with tracks like ‘Enemies’, ‘Pushing’ and ‘Tik Tok’, three blockbuster anthems that deliver infectious trap beats and Elias’ unforgettable flow. They’re defining moments on the EP, landing with intricate rhymes and clever wordplay that raise each track from mainstream single to undeniable rap epics. Elsewhere, ‘Bankhead’ unleashed a fury of quickfire verse and lavish instrumentation, layering Elias’ high-power flow with polished, immaculately produced beats.

It’s clear from the very first listen that the EP is a cut above the mainstream, and Elias’ decision to pull no punches and lay everything on the line has paid off tenfold. Passionate, proficient, and impossible to deny, it’s a release that has enough polish and promise to top the charts, and enough lyrical brilliance and authenticity to sway even the most unshakable of rap fans.

A testament to Elias’ strength as both an artist and a person, ‘Righteous Imperfection’ is arguably one of this year’s finest rap release. Stream the new EP above via Spotify, or catch it on Apple Music here.

Score: 9/10

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