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Ellesse – ‘Outta Here’

  • 2 min read

When we last heard from Ellesse, it was in August of 2020, and the world seemed to be a very different place. Taking to the stage with her gorgeous breakthrough single ‘Butterflies’, Ellesse’s first appearance on our website was filled with light, vibrancy, and plenty of hopeful, pop-infused melodies that practically shone with positivity. In the year that’s passed, it’s no surprise that we’ve been sorely missing Ellesse’s emotive RnB sound, but thankfully, she’s back to save the day with new single ‘Outta Here’.

Her first attempt and blending genres and creating music that rings with a more experimental style, ‘Outta Here’ is an expansive, alt-RnB adventure, one that perfectly characterises the heart and soul of the talented twenty-four-year-old singer, songwriter and producer. Created with the help of two talented engineers from WrongHouse, Ellesse has called ‘Outta Here’ her “favourite release so far”, and after spinning it non-stop for the past few days, it's easy to see why.

A smooth, wonderfully melodic song filled with confidence and hope, ‘Outta Here’ sees Ellesse confronting her past and clearing a better path, overcoming toxic relationships, and escaping to a better life. Musically, the single creates an undeniably intimate feel, layering warm, melodic tones with subtle flourishes and light, airy production, but as perfect as the music is, ‘Outta Here’ is all about Ellesse’s vocals. Rising from the sultry tones, Ellesse carves out an intoxicating sound that rises and falls with the music, cascading perfectly with confidence and a sweet, self-assured sound.

In each verse, Ellesse lays down her intentions perfectly, delivering her lines with a sultry, triumphant sound that adds heart and soul to every line. Capitalising on the rich sounds and cascading tones to give us lines like, “you don’t give a fuck about how I feel, you should stay outta my way”, staking her claim and proving she’s stronger than ever.

When speaking of the new single, Ellesse said, “This is a song about removing all toxic people and things from one’s life and escaping the faulted simulation that we’re all living it”, and she’s done amazingly well to convey this sentiment in every tone.

A triumphant return from Ellesse when we needed it the most, ‘Outta Here’ is easily her strongest and most accomplished release to date.

Score: 9/10

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