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Elysia – ‘Cherry Moon’

  • 2 min read

One of Melbourne’s most vibrant musical talents, Elysia has been honing and refining her emotive sound ever for decades. A stunning singer and songwriter with a penchant for weaving expressive, RnB melodies, she’s become one of the most hotly anticipated artists of the last year, impressing fans and critics alike with her demos, and today, with the release of her debut single ‘Cherry Moon’, we’ve heard the first glimpse of Elysia as a fully-fledged and commercially primed artist.

A single that ebbs and flows with soft, Zen sound, ‘Cherry Moon’ is a gorgeous illustration of Elysia’s sound, painting a picture of unique perspective and enduring empathy. Catching your ear with a stream of jazzy chords and ruminating tones, Elysia’s debut single is a slow, transformative piece that hinges on her calling, angelic vocals and waves of serene, visceral emotions.

Alongside Elysia, South Side Denny and Pastels also bring their own sense of style to ‘Cherry Moon’, delivering some sharp rap vocals that help contrast Elysia’s smooth, sultry sounds and complete the alt-RnB appeal. Elegant, affirming, and filled with well-earned confidence, ‘Cherry Moon’ is a perfect blend of stark, realistic moments and elegant, romantic tones that perfectly reflect the magic of falling in love.

It’s a vibrant, vulnerable piece, and it’s joined perfectly by the official music video, which was directed by Notoriously Dope Productions.

Speaking about her debut single, Elysia explained, “My friend of two years turned into my soulmate in the space of one night; something changed in the way I looked at him; suddenly, my eyes had cherry heart filters. We spent every day together in the summer; we blossomed into something pure and inspirational for this song.”

“As soon as the jazzy chords started to spill, I was lovestruck with the single too. It is a sneaky 'this is how I feel about you' track, recording the conversation between our souls at the beginning of our relationship. Music can make funny things happen; you say things in raw form, and it transforms into art; it is magic.”

A disarming and utterly transcending piece that shines with soul, harmony, and sweet rhythmic ambience, ‘Cherry Moon’ is a gorgeous debut single that promises big things for Elysia’s future.

Score: 8.5/10

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