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Endtrocity – ‘XIX’

  • 2 min read

One of Taiwan’s most celebrated post-hardcore and metalcore bands, Endtrocity have been carving away at the international stage for a while, pushing their heavy, cataclysmic sound across borders and into the beating heart of the UK, US, and Australia. With a sound built from the remnants of the early post-hardcore era, Endtrocity has found a way to infuse electronic arrangements, native language phrases, and unique expansive sound into the mix, creating a visceral and uncompromising style that continues to invigorate and impresses.

While the band’s early singles date back to the mid-2010s, it’s their debut album, the simply titled ‘XIX’ that has really made an impact, lashing out with a sharp collection of tracks that are filled to the brim with unique perspectives, brutal instrumentals, and an innovative concept of "the mechanical state of emotional aggregates".

A titanic follow-on from Endtrocity’s previous work, the album is a baptism of fire for both band and listener alike, setting fire to the airwaves and eclipsing all other sounds as it plays. Expressing anger, passion, and grit determination, it’s a chaotic masterpiece that finds us all on the verge of collapse, channelling the fury, confusion, and loss from the last few years and fighting to overcome them.

Covering a massive amount of ground over the course of the album’s ten tracks, ‘XIX’ is arguably the most complete and comprehensive release that we’ve heard from Endtrocity so far. Opening with the twin tracks of ‘Intro’ and ‘XIX’, the band waste little time in making their mark, kicking up the dust with a focused wave of balanced industrial tones and melodic electronic influences. It’s an emotive, cinematic opening track that sets up the album perfectly, setting the stage for the title track which then explodes with an unyielding rally of fierce guitar, ferocious vocals, thunderous percussion, and an abundance of technical skill.

As the album continues to unfold, tracks such as ‘Give In’ and ‘Fear of God’ shine as outsider anthems, carrying a weight and purpose that permeates every element of the band’s sound. Challenging identity and calling for acceptance, they’re songs that break away from the mainstream in all the best possible ways. Helping with the band’s charge into the international scene, ‘Maybe There’s Hereafter’ and ‘Shut’ see Endtrocity join forces with Galar Gin and Kadeem France, the vocalist for the British avant-garde metal band Loathe, twisting their sound to incorporate two stellar guest spots.

At the heart of it all, the narrative remains a key part of the success of ‘XIX’, particularly in the passages where the spoken word overtakes the bold instrumentals. Representing the lower levels of society and challenging our future where we are dominated by technology, alienation, loneliness, and dysfunction, ‘XIX’ is an album of harsh realities and undeniable weight.

Along with the release of the album, Endtrocity has also revealed a “sentient cyborg” which acts as a visualizer for the album, showing multiple facial expressions which serve to represent the different emotions within the album. For more from the band, as well as select merch, make sure you check out their website today.

Score: 8.5/10

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