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Erik Jerrod – ‘Dangerous Heights 2’

  • 2 min read

Early last year, Erik Jerrod surprised us all with the release of his acclaimed ‘Dangerous Heights’ EP, a sharp, sophisticated, and wonderfully built project that was filled with tactful illustrations of his many talents. Built on six tracks that flowed with poetic realism, dynamic beats, and skilled instrumentals, the EP laid the foundation for more to come, and today, with the release of his follow-up record, he’s well and truly maintained the momentum.

Announced as the true sequel to the original EP, ‘Dangerous Heights 2’ is a whirlwind of riotous rap sounds, perfectly blending his hard-boiled rap style with a unique range of clips, genres, and brilliant creative choices. Unfolding over the course of fourteen new cuts, it’s an album that shines an unapologetic light on Erik’s life and times, capturing a true artistic sentiment, along with a medley of impressive hip-hop flourishes.

Opening with tracks like ‘U.F.O (Look Up)’, ‘Goat Talk’ and ‘Real Diamonds’, Erik breaks the mould with a brilliant array of styles, pushing boundaries with cinematic audio snippets, quickfire rhymes, and unshakable confidence. It’s an undeniable start, with Erik in his element and leaving everything out there, and it honestly couldn’t be any better.

Elsewhere, ‘Monchelle In Love’ rises from a staged phone call, rolling along as an old-school skit amongst the rap anthems, acting as a precursor to the RnB tinged ‘Good Luv’, while ‘Cheers, We Up’ and ‘Masterclass’ flow with smooth, melodic sounds and a unique sense of reflection. They’re moments of poise in a sea of thunderous rap sounds, and it's an absolute joy to hear Erik continuing to experiment and push his sound past his dynamic rap style.

Speaking about the album, Erik explained that he wanted to “create an album that plays like a playlist”, one where there was a song and style for everyone, and with ‘Dangerous Heights 2’, he’s definitely achieved that.

Available now on all major platforms, including Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music, ‘Dangerous Heights 2’ is another impressive release from Erik, showcasing his passion, abilities and creative vision for all the world to hear.

Score: 9/10

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