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ET Boys – ‘Sober’

  • 2 min read

The latest creative duo from the sun-kissed shores of Miami, Florida, the ET Boys have been kicking around the underground for a while now, developing their ‘Nu Pop’ sound from an artful blend of melodic rap, pulsing rhythms, and sharp mystical sounds. A talented duo, ET Boys sees the brothers of Tacboy and Sharkeyes stepping bolding into the spotlight, delivering a one-two punch of slick, modern sounds that are purpose-built to impress and entertain.

Now under the guidance of Wake Up! Music, the ET Boys have revealed their debut single, ‘Sober’, a tantalising and wonderfully raw release that tackles substance abuse and self-destructive tendencies head-on. With Sharkeyes taking charge of the songwriting and composition, and Tacboy taking lead as vocalist and lyricist, the brothers have struck upon a golden formula, delivering a dramatic and wonderfully unique new single inspired by some tragic, real-life moments.

Musically, ‘Sober’ is a rare breed of song, one that deftly walks the line between heavy, human moments and vibrant, commercial sounds, offering up the best of both worlds with a knowing shine. Opening with a texture, synth sound that gently fades into more upbeat, contemporary pop sound, the single hits hard, layering a cascade of backing synths with passionate vocals, bouncing percussion, and a complex echo of carefree, almost psychedelic melodies.

There’s a definite vibe to the piece, one that hints at fun, carefree sounds, creating a clever contrast with Tacboy’s more intimate vocals and lyrics. Delivered with a mellow, intoxicating timbre, Tacboy breaks through the ‘nu-pop’ sheen, weaving a raw, self-aware tale of hurt and destruction that we can all relate to.

In the past, Tacboy and Sharkeyes have been compared to The Doors’ Manzarek and Morrison for their complimentary gifts, and in ‘Sober’ it’s easy to see why. A song filled with shimmering breakdowns, shifting harmonics, and broad strokes of old-school psychedelia, ‘Sober’ is deceptively complex, undeniably evocative, and utterly essential.

Score: 8.5/10

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