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Eucalyption – 'Go Ahead and Ignore This If You Want'

  • 2 min read

Houston Texas’ Alt-reggae rock outfit, Eucalyption, consistently exhibit their tendency to consider the soul and vibe of their sound as carefully as they orchestrate the enticing sonic elements which pull it all together.  There’s no better testament to their mindful alchemy than their debut album ‘Go Ahead and Ignore This If You Want’, released in November 2020; when the music fans sorely needed an aural pick-me-up.

Whether they are laying down synthy psychedelia, reggae staccato rhythms or ensnaring sonically slick Indie rock increments, one thing which remains a constant is a sincerity in the delivery. The compassion-laden lyricism playfully wrestles with contemporary tropes about apathy, nihilism, fear and lovelessness without a hint of sanctimonious condemnation. If you find yourself in the lyrics, you might also find freedom from the mental shackles you’ve chained yourselves within.

Each tonally-bright track delves lyrically tackles a different issue. From explorations of relationships with uncertainty and optimism to cruises through common complaints which drag us down daily, to a straight-up attack on ‘Complaining People’ with track 8. It is all but impossible not to let the words resonate as you sink into the absorbingly genre-defiant singles. 

The familial duo consists of two brothers, James Nissen (Drums, Percussion, Synths, Drum Machines, Vocals) and Ben Nissen (Bass, Guitar, Ukulele, Vocals). Eucalyption formed in 2015 after spending their preceding years experimenting with different genres and styles. After finding love for and mastering a plethora of styles, their sound manifested as one which could enamour Pop, Rock, Reggae, Psych, Synth Rock and Indie fans alike. On this basis, Eucalyption’s future looks bright – even under the dark cloud of a global pandemic.

'Go Ahead And Ignore This If You Want' is so much more than your generic high-vibe ‘I made euphoric noises so you should be happy now’ album. It empowers the listener by giving them a chance to take hold of the accessible adoptable wisdom. The soundscapes sugar the harsh truths and make them easy to swallow. The mind-melting layering of styles makes the debut as transfixing as it is transformative. 

Score: 9/10

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