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Falsely Accused – ‘Compression’

  • 2 min read

A powerhouse trio who has filled Boston and the New England area with their own unique brand of cataclysmic blues, Falsely Accused are well and truly a band on the rise. With a raucous sound and style that are cut from the same cloth as rock‘n’roll icons like Led Zeppelin and The Black Keys, their sound covers the full spectrum of both vintage and modern sounds, offering a timeless energy that shines with their own brilliant twist.

Citing influences that range from the early days of swamp blues to the edgier genres of hard rock, the close-knit trio of Mike Azzolino, Matt Tavano, and Mark Young has wasted little time in making their mark, delivering a titanic debut album that we’re proud to shine a spotlight on. Titled ‘Compression’, the album is a strong and deliberate introduction to the band, delivering ten tracks and thirty-four minutes of heavy blues and bold, hard rock.

Opening with the ravenous new cut ‘Running With the Devil’, Falsely Accused’s debut album cuts you to the quick in an instance, delivering a heavy, blues style that sounds like it was dragged straight from the Southern States. Caught between old school blues and more modern, somewhat metal inclinations, it’s a track that acts as a brilliant introduction to the project, leaving no room for doubts or second glances. As the album lurches forward, the heavy swamp blue sound grows ever strong, but it's wonderfully balanced with spiked alt. rock gambits and clever artistic twists. Tracks like ‘Hellbound’ and ‘The Messenger’ hit with intensity, lashing out with some gritty heavy metal vibes, while elsewhere ‘Stay Gold’ opens a new age, transporting you from the caustic metal moments and into more expressive alternative and blues territories. It’s a stylistic change that the band build on brilliantly with ‘Firewater’ and ‘Cry Havoc’, layering their sound with a colourful tapestry of genres.

As the closing tracks of the album arrive, Falsely Accused hit with a flurry of precisely timed punches, offering shades of blues, metal, and acid rock in equal measure. It’s a head-spinning finale, brought together by ‘Phoenix’, ‘Rotate’, and ‘Drones’, and no matter how many times you hear it, you’ll never grow tired.

Bold, brilliant, and constantly invigorating, ‘Compression’ is an album that pulls no punches and holds absolutely nothing back, crashing down upon you with fierce, enduring energy and plenty of homegrown determination. Available now on all major platforms, it's an album you won't want to miss out on.

Score: 8.5/10

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