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Far From Your Sun – ‘In the Beginning... Was The Emotion’

  • 2 min read

An expansive music project that showcases rock music through various compositions and collaborations, Far From Your Sun is a unique multi-media experience. Combining music with photography, painting, and writing, the project is built on a very special ethos, one that explains how we can all live happily in the shadow of the artificial lights, far from the fads and a flattering, but often elusive, misleading sun.

An intriguing and talented band whose music is an art form, and not a product for commercial gain, Far From Your Sun have recently announced details of their highly anticipated second album, ‘The Origin of Suffering’, and to celebrate, we thought it was about time we went back and examined their ground-breaking debut record in full.

Originally released in 2015, ‘In the Beginning... Was The Emotion’ has already drawn a maelstrom of praise for its refreshing, distinctive style and original format. It’s an album that has been called “art rock in its purest form” by Progressive Music Planet, and “one of the most interesting and accomplished independent progressive rock albums” by Tuned Loud, and while that might sound like simple hyperbole, one listen will tell you otherwise.

An hour-long, progressive-rock epic that demands to be heard in full, ‘In the Beginning... Was The Emotion’ is a unique aural odyssey, one that cannot be skipped or taken lightly. It’s an album of distinct, often polarising sounds, one that is purpose-built to evoke emotion and create change, rather than pander to mainstream audiences, and because of that, it’s a challenging, but ultimately rewarding listen that will stay with you for years. Lyrically, Far From Your Sun have done away with the simple verse and chorus format, favouring a more interspersed poetic style that will take some getting used, while the instrumentals take one their own dynamic style, creating lavish, cascading soundscapes that constantly pull you in different directions. Sometimes cathartic, sometimes thoughtful and poignant, the music is a made for quick contemplation and stark realisations, opening new passages and forcing us to confront our emotions.

Tracks such as the eponymous ‘Far From Your Sun’ and ‘Life’ illustrates these feelings perfectly, creating a unique blend of diverse vocals arrangements and exploratory soundscapes that will whisk you away in an instant. Elsewhere, ‘Annabel Lee’ and ‘Under The Hands of Time’ delve into more hypnotic sounds, capitalising on addictive basslines and sonic tendencies to crate a theatrical sound that backs the vocal harmonies. A true highlight, the closing composition of ‘F.A.D.’ is arguably the most complete, embodying the band’s ethos with a beautifully constructed slice of sonic melancholia.

For those expecting easy-listening tracks that will ebb and flow with tender refrains, you’ll be sorely disappointed, but for those willing to open their minds and truly experience the album, the effects are absolutely unparalleled.

You can stream ‘In the Beginning... Was The Emotion’ above via Spotify and be sure to follow the band so you don’t miss the upcoming release of their sophomore album, ‘The Origin of Suffering’.

Rating: 8.5/10

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