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Fauna – ‘Didn’t Wanna’

  • 2 min read

There’s something about brother’s making great bands. From Kings of Leon to Oasis, The Kinks to ACDC, that fraternal tie just seems to make everything work better, and when it comes to Manchester’s Fauna, it’s a formula for success that has struck again in a big way. Built from the brother Adam and Danny Williams, Thomas Pine and Charlie Howarth, Fauna has taken the industry by storm in recent months, carving out their own unique path and conquering the greater UK with sharp indie style.

In their latest release, Fauna have continued to win over fans and critics alike with a titanic indie anthem that reminds us all that life wasn’t always perfect before the global lockdowns, and those idealistic nights we romanticised, weren’t always as good as they seemed to be. Titled ‘Didn’t Wanna’, the new single is a bold reinvention of the classic Manchester sound, building on the golden age of indie with layers of nuanced psych-rock and gritty alt-pop.

A runaway release that is so easy to get lost in, ‘Didn’t Wanna’ finds its feet in a flurry of captivating rhythms and quickfire instrumentals that crash down upon the band’s uniquely, introspective lyrics. Speaking openly about the new track, the band explained the focus of the new single and why it’s so brilliantly relatable; “Didn’t Wanna was written over lockdown when we all wanted to go for a pint to find a fragment of joy in the situations we naturally recall as good times, but in reality, they never lived up to expectation.”

They continued, “the single encapsulates being surrounded by people and wanting nothing more than to go home. We cheered ourselves up by recounting these nights. The song was just about having some fun; all we could do over the past year was rehearse and write new music, so the few nights a week we were able to do so, we made sure we enjoyed it.”

Arguably one of the finest indie releases we’ll hear in 2021, ‘Didn’t Wanna’ is everything we’ve come to expect from Fauna and more. Check it out below via Spotify.

A masterpiece of choppy guitars and thunderous drums, ‘Didn’t Wanna’ is the anti-party anthem that you didn’t know you needed, as well as a perfect outlet to mirror all your most introverted frustrations. Check out the new single today, and find out just Fauna is set to be one of the UK’s biggest new bands.

Score: 9/10

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